My husband and I just wanted to post a quick note of thanks for the service you provided. We had a leak in our first floor ceiling that was a horrendous ordeal that lasted a month and a half.

We had a plumber/leak detector as well as a roofer both come out to the house twice, and the water was seen coming from the dryer vent in the roof.

It ended up that our dryer vent/ duct hadn’t been cleaned in years apparently (we just bought the house) and the lint that built up was absorbing the water which somehow made it’s way down from the attic area into our first floor ceiling.

Mr Kienast came out and in a matter of a couple hours had completely clean every inch of our dryer venting system- wet lint and all.

We haven’t had a problem since, we’re finally getting our ceiling repaired, and we’ll definately be having the vent cleaned annually from now on!

Mike and Emily Little



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