Dryer Vent Cleaning

Does it take a long time for your clothes to dry?
Are your clothes really hot when you take them out?
You don’t need a new dryer… you need me!

I can thoroughly clean your dryer vent for much better dryer performance, and could also clean your entire air duct system, which makes it healthier and easier for your family to breathe in your home or business.

Please note that California Air Duct Cleaning does *not* engage in telemarketing, and we do not have a 415 or 800 phone number. Some company using a name similar to ours is phoning people and bothering them, but I can assure you it is not us.

My Customers Are Happy!

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Fantastic service! The best price in town! Fast and professional! Showed me everything he did when he did it. Provided great education to monitor changes and when I would need to redo the service. I highly recommend them.

thumb Todd Bernstein
November 6, 2022

I used one of the dryer vent cleaning kits bought from Lowes. Job was going good until the last section with the brush broke off inside my duct. I tried and tried different ways to remove it but with no success. I called Randy and he made up a tool with his equipment which included a large fishing treble hook. After only 3 tries with this tool, he got the entire piece out, cleaned my ducting and now my dryer shows 100% clear on my ducting. He’s awesome.

thumb Steve Freed
October 8, 2022

Randy was great to work with! He was very responsive and professional. I would use him again.

thumb Scott Heilmann
July 27, 2022

Beautiful, excellent Job. I was very impressed by his knowledge and experience of the job. One more thing he was very honest and time punctuality. Thanks for a job well done.

thumb Muhammad Wahid
May 26, 2022

Called to have my dryer vent cleaned. Got an appointment quick and he did a great job. Professional quality work and he’s local. My clothes dry a lot better now!

thumb Michael Charles
April 15, 2022

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