It’s been a long time since Randy serviced our airducts. I have a peace of mind now that our air duct system is clean. He is the owner of the business and he personally does the job.

He brings all of his equipment and he will teach you how to make your home more safe and how you can save more money. Cleaning for airducts is surely expensive but it is worth it if Randy is the one who is going to do it.

Professionally done and not a rush job. He spent about 4 hours in our house working on all the vents. I called other companies and asked them how they will clean the system, I was not satisfied with their answers.

They said if I was not satisfied with the job then they will send their supervisor to inspect the job and then re-do it again. That alone raised the flag which means they are not doing good job.

With Randy he spend time well and not rushing with the job. He was the best. Thank you Randy. Sorry for my late testimonial.


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