Flexible Dryer Vent Hose

HI Scott

Wholesale $6.75 plus S/H
Carton of 36 is $211.32 Plus S&H

Lint Alert:
$40 per unit wholesale plus SH. (selling on EBay $59.99 SH)

I charge $10 now for regular aluminum foil hose no clamps, add $5.00 for clamps.


Dryer Flex Hose Upgrade

Flex Hose 2

Lint Alert

Lint Alert 2

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This is a home made video we can do better

This link is a video on their web sight witch has a companies name attach https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBFBUWq0EHQ

This is a product video on their web sight

Company web site

Product video

http://www.lintalert.com/discover_lintalert.htm Lint alert Video


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