COVID-19 Statement

We will be open for Emergency Dryer Vent Cleaning during these unprecedented times. May God bless all of our families, friends, and our country!

  • Please remove one car in the garage so I have access to your laundry
  • Please put cars in the driveway in front of your home so I can pull my van in and safely remove my ladder without scratching your car.
  • Please keep family pets away from the laundry room at all times while I’m there.
  • Please close the door that separates your living area from the laundry room.
  • Please remove all soap clothing from on top and around washer dryer.
  • Please spray & wipe down the top of washer dryer with a Clorox substance a few hours before I arrive.
  • I will wear a mask and fresh rubber gloves at all times
  • Total cleaning time will take 30 minutes to one hour

Let’s keep each other safe!


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