Akira Hirakawa (Autor), Paul Groner (Translator)'s A History of Indian Buddhism: From Sakyamuni to Early PDF

By Akira Hirakawa (Autor), Paul Groner (Translator)

ISBN-10: 0824812034

ISBN-13: 9780824812034

The booklet, the summation of a life of learn on Indian Buddhism, is a very complete dialogue of Indian Buddhism. The textual content provides the debates of Indian Buddhism that experience happened within the eastern educational neighborhood and emphasizes concerns that experience frequently been handled merely in passing in India and the West. eventually, the publication encompasses a bibliography which gives a vast glance of the research.

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N o tw o of you should go to the nam e place. P reach th e D h a r m a wi th reason a n d elo q u en ce so (hat il will be got>d at (h r beg in n in g , m i d ­ dle* a n d end '1 ( Vinaya, vol. 1, p. 20), O u t o f co m p assio n , the B u d d h a w ished to co n v ey to c o m m o n people at least so m e o f the tru th s hi’ had realized. T h e B u d d h a sub seq u en tly re tu rn e d to M a g a d h a , w here he co n v erted m a n y peopEe T h e B u d d h a 's victory over a no ted religious teacher, L r u v tlv a K a sy ap a, th rou gh a d e m o n s tra tio n o f s u p e r h u m a n powers, resulted in the conversion to B u dd hism o r UruviLva K asy ap a, his two y o u n g er b ro th e rs, a n d th eir disciplcs.

O n c e he en tered a trance a n d stopped all b re a th front passing th ro u g h his m o u th a n d nose, b u t then is said to have b eg un b r e a th in g th ro u g h E n lig h te n m e n t A lth o u g h S a k y a m u n i h ad ceased his ascetic practices, his b o d y was so em a c ia te d th a t h e th o u g h t ii w ould he difficult to attain the bliss o f even th e Kirst T ra n c e . H e finally decided to eat solid food to restore Ins stren gth , M ilk a n d rice w ere offered by a y o u n g w o m an n a m e d Sujara.

T he Sakya* were -i small kfatftya (w a rrio r caste) trib e w ho lived on rhe l>order o f In d ia a n d N epal; ih etr capital w as at K ap ilav astu . (j four r a stts. C o r s ttju c n lly , no evidence exists to indiralC w h eth er S ak y am u n i was o f A ry an o r O rie n ta l racial stock. T h e g o v e rn ­ m e n t was an oligarchy w ilh the leaders a lte rn a tin g as head (rajan) o f the tribe. A lthough the Sitfcya trib e g o v ern ed itself, it was not com pletely in d e p e n d e n t since it w as d o m in a te d by K a u s a la in the south.

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A History of Indian Buddhism: From Sakyamuni to Early Mahayana by Akira Hirakawa (Autor), Paul Groner (Translator)

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