New PDF release: A general theory of elastic stability

By J M T Thompson; G W Hunt

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In addition, soil instability, like liquefaction, flow failures, lateral spreading or slope instability, may be induced. 1 ​Site effects Seismic motions may be significantly altered by the geotechnical conditions close to the ground surface. Typical wave lengths, λ, of the incoming motion vary between some meters to few hundred meters (λ = VS/f where VS is the wave velocity ranging from 100 m/s to 2 km/s and f the predominant frequency of the motion, typically in the range 1–10 Hz); these values are of the same order of magnitude as surface or subsurface heterogeneities.

13 Collapse of Alto Rio wall building in Concepción, Chile; February 2010 earthquake (structural walls are shown in black in the framing plan). 14 Typical concentration of failures or damage in ground storey (a), (b) with role and damage to infills shown in (c). 15 Collapse of top floors in Mexico City (1985) or of an intermediate one in Kobe (1995). 16 Collapse of flexible sides in torsionally imbalanced building with stiffness concentrated near one corner. 17 Shear failure of short columns on stiff side (inside rectangle) causes collapse of flexible side as well.

There are an infinite number of earthquake scenarios. For example, the magnitude may be a single value associated to a specific fault (called the characteristic magnitude) or may have a continuous distribution of possible values. Observations have shown that the distribution of magnitude usually follows a simple relationship, called the Gutenberg– Richter law. 6) Coefficient a varies from one area to another and characterises the seismicity of the area; coefficient b is always close to 1, indicating that the number of occurrences of earthquakes with magnitude M + 1 in a region is ten times less than the number of occurrences of earthquakes with magnitude M.

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