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By Desmond Hogan

ISBN-10: 1564788547

ISBN-13: 9781564788542

Following a crippling melancholy and institutionalization, the author Desmond wanders from his local Dublin round an more and more unrecognizable Europe, and so far as the southern usa, assembling a patchwork of small tales, conversations, amorous affairs, stories, regrets, and confrontations: “the labyrinth of news of individuals whose lives you contact . . . in order that your brain turns into like a polychromatic Irish pub.” no matter if a chain of tragic postcards, a cubist novel, or a memoir shorn of its connective tissue, A Farewell to Prague stands as Desmond Hogan’s maximum success: a catalog of the moments that justify a life—or shine a mild on its vacancy.

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20 On a cool April Sunday, when she moved in, Manfred showed his future wife his parents’ home. “The coffin of my life. ” Rita asked. She was a little intimidated by this elegant side street, the older villa, the dark, heavy rooms. “Because nothing to do with life has ever happened here,” he said. “As long as I can remember. ” “But your room is bright,” Rita consoled herself. She had to take care that her decision didn’t fall apart here, shattered against these indifferent old pieces of furniture.

Up they went to the first stars of the evening, then the gondola brushed past the lights of the city, and swung them back through the night toward the yellow arc of the moon, slim as a breath. When they came back more stars had come out, and there were more lights on earth, and it went on and on until they got dizzy and held tight to each other and caressed and silently reassured each other, as lovers do everywhere. Gradually the lights went out down below, and the stars dimmed up above, and at last the moon paled in the reddish grey light of dawn.

Rolf glances at her. Does she really want to know? ” He says it just like that, but they both know there’s a whole novel hidden inside such a statement. Passions, heroisms, intrigues— anything you might want. You can read ten statements of that sort in the paper every day, but this particular one Rita understands completely, every word. “Oh,” she says. ” They both have to laugh at that. “You know,” Rita says, “train carriages were just the right thing for me. I’d have adapted to any other kind of place as well, but I can’t imagine liking anything else as much as the whistle of our locomotive when it tows two new cars out of the plant every evening … ” Where do they go, I often wondered.

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