New PDF release: A Comprehensive Text Book of Applied Physics

By Kumar Manoj

ISBN-10: 8182472261

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Define Echelon effect. (IMP) Define ultrasonic and infrasonic. What is supersonic wares. (IMP) What do you mean by audiable sound? Define magnetastriction effect. Define Piezoelectric effect. What do u mean by SONAR. (IMP) SHORT ANSWER TYPE QUESTIONS :Explain absorption and reflection of sound. What do you mean by musical sound and Noise? What is reverberation, reverberation time. Explain How it can be controlled? (IMP) Explain the reverberation time. (IMP) \54\ Applied Pbysics-II 5. Write a short note on accousting of building.

What is resonance? 14. What is a free vibration? SHORT TYPE QUESTIONS 1. Explain the Generation of wave motion by particles. 2. Differentiate between longitudnal and transverse waves. 3. Differentiate between light wave and sound wave. 4. Explain the proagation of a transverse waves. 5. M. Derive an expression for displacement. 6. M. and also derive an expression for velocity ofa particle. 7. Derive an expression for acceleration for a particle. 8. Explain the vibration of spring mass system. 9.

Ii) The motion of the spring through air is not effected by the drag. (iii) It vibrates within elastic limits so that Hook's law is always applicable. 12) A spring balance has a scale that reads from 0 to 50 kg. the length of the scale is 20 cm. 60 sec. What is the weight of the body? SOLUTION :- If m = 50 kg. 2 k = 2450 N/m \27\ The time period is given by. 60 sec . 60 .. 34 kg. 93 N Ans. CANTILEVER :"A beam fixed horizentally at one end and free to vibrate at the other end is called conti lever.

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